What We’re All About

The Anchorage's mission is to encourage creative writing. In order to build and maintain our supportive community, all members agree to follow these guidelines:

1. Confidentiality. The author of an unpublished draft is the only person who can share it. Members should not share the identities of other members outside of the group. 

2. Encouragement. The Anchorage is a supportive community where interactions are constructive and respectful. Critique, especially in workshop, aims to read the piece for what it is and focuses on improvement. 

3. Respect. The Anchorage is an inclusive community, where all members treat one another with respect. There is not tolerance for harassment, hateful conduct, and discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or political affiliation. 

4. Responsibility. Members attend monthly meetings and quarterly workshops, provide drafts and comments in a timely manner, and participate actively in the online community. No illegal activity, spam, deceptive activity, scams, and other harmful activities are not tolerated.