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Community. Craft. Commitment.

The Anchorage was founded in 2021 to meet the needs of writers. We support writers as they build Community, refine their Craft, and renew their Commitment to their work. The global pandemic that started in 2020 showed us how to reach out, even in isolation; to create, even in the midst of chaos and despair. The Anchorage provides a space for writers to learn, share, and encourage one another.



Writing is, at its heart, a social activity. The words on the page could be read by an infinite number of readers. Writing is reaching out. At the same time, though, writing can be lonely.

Studies have shown that writing in community can lead to a "paradigm shift in the writing process," as members move "from accountability to establishing healthy habits, from surveillance and punishment to self-care, and from external validation to intrinsic motivation by finding identities as writers" (DeFeo, et al). 

Additionally, focusing on community allows writers to improve their individual writing through habit and repetition, as the social connection emphasizes creative practice over production (McKenzie).

The Anchorage draws on these writing community practices to help members build strong connections with other writers, fortify their identities as writers, and commit to regular practice and habit. Learn more about our writing community here.

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The Anchorage is dedicated to furthering the craft of writing by providing its members with excellent programming and support. Our Master Classes are taught by accomplished and active writers who are also experienced teachers.

Our programming represents a diversity of approaches and genres to both deepen members' knowledge of the craft and broaden their horizons. Our members are dedicated to the rigorous practice of discovering and improving their craft. 

A commitment to craft is behind every part of The Anchorage's core programming: online community, workshops, and Master Classes. Every piece supports our members' lifelong education as writers.

The online community is intentionally structured to promote and support writers' efforts to improve their craft. Our seasonal workshops offer members the opportunity to focus on their work and how readers connect with it. 

The expert teachers of our Master Classes share knowledge and skills. Members  learn from a diverse group of accomplished writers in these exclusive sessions. Learn more about Master Classes here.

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As many writers have attested over the ages, success as a writer is a matter of persistence and practice. The Anchorage honors and affirms its members' commitment to craft by providing structure and support in the form of community and learning opportunities.

Our workshops are intentionally organized so that all participants share cultural authority and recognize differences. We strive for a "community of people who are invested in one another’s development and capable of positively contributing to it" (Naga and McGill).

Members of The Anchorage determine the rules and format of their workshop. Rather than finding fault, all work is considered to be in-process, "on its way to becoming what its author wants it to be." Rather than critiquing, members seek to "listen, learn, converse, and encourage" (Morales Kearns).

Our workshops provide structure and community. They are touchstones throughout the year that motivate members to keep writing, to share their work, to engage with their audience, and to be generous readers. Read more about our workshops here.

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Julie Ann Ward, PhD

Julie Ann Ward is a writer, translator, and professor of Latin American literature at the University of Oklahoma. She founded The Anchorage in 2021, drawing on years of experience as a student, teacher, and facilitator. She is a volunteer with Poetic Justice, a restorative writing program for incarcerated women. Her work appears in Latin American Literature Today, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Nimrod, Postscript Magazine, Quorum, and World Literature Today. She is the author of A Shared Truth: The Theater of Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol (U of Pittsburgh P, 2019). 


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